College Events

Primary Parent Teacher Interview

When: 26 July 3:40pm

Where: College Hall

The online booking site is currently open and will close on Thursday 20 July at 5pm. Link to Synergetic for booking is here. Each family is issued with a log-in password which will enable them to access the electronic form. Parents have been sent an email with further instructions (see email dated 28 June 2018).

Primary Parent/Teacher Interviews for Semester 2 will be held on Thursday 26 July 2018, from 3.30pm to 8.50pm in College Hall. This evening is provided for discussion on students’ Semester 1 reports and it is expected that all parents will attend.

Specialist and Maths teachers will also be available but the Student Support Department will arrange interviews separately. Mrs Amy Kelly, the Semester 2 teacher for Prep Orange will be available for Introductory interviews at this time.

Please leave at least a ten minute gap in between interviews to allow for delays and movement from one interview to another. Teachers will not be available during their tea break of 6pm – 6.30pm. If a change to your selected time is required the teacher will advise parents of this via the Student Diary. Please make alternative arrangements with the teacher if an interview time is not available or the teacher is absent.