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Class Parent Representative in 2018?

Would you like to apply to be a Class Parent Rep (CPR) in the Primary school in 2018?

  • A CPR helps new families to settle in by being available to answer questions. 
  • A CPR organises social activities for their class outside of school hours.
  • A CPR arranges group birthday / Christmas gifts for the teacher for those who wish to participate.

Templates are given as a guide to assist the CPR in this volunteer role. All correspondence is sent to the Development Office for approval and is then distributed to the classrooms.

If you are a friendly, helpful and have some time to give, please consider this role.

As classes are not confirmed / released until just before school commences in 2018, please advise the year level of your child/ren in 2018, and we will try to allocate a CPR to each class in the first few weeks of term. Any questions? Email

Please tick the year levels for which you would be prepared to be a CPR.

Please provide the name of the children corresponding to the year level boxes ticked above. This will help us match your name with your child's and their allocated class.

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Date posted: November 21, 2017