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Mosaic Wall to celebrate College’s 40th Anniversary

Mrs Natasha Fitzgerald, Primary Art Teacher, was commissioned to design a mosaic based on Psalm 1, to mark the 40th anniversary of our College.

This commemorative installation to celebrate the 40th year of the College has Psalm 1 incorporated into the piece as a visual reminder of the goodness of God. The placement of the mosaic on this particular wall is reflective of our desire to keep Father God at the centre of our school’s heart. It is a reminder that we need to keep our eyes fixed on Him not just for our spiritual growth and provision but for all of life. The mosaic is designed to delight the viewer with the multitude and variety of glass and ceramic tiles that were utilized but also to glorify the creativity of our God.

Thank you Mrs Fitzgerald for your creativity, dedication and this magnificent artwork that will be a blessing for the school for many years to come.

Date posted: May 18, 2018