• Car Park Project

Redevelopment of Drop off Zones

Keeping our kids safe

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Imagine more drop off points, more short term parking and an undercover waiting area.

Sounds amazing? It will be!

About the Project:

You can help us achieve the refurbishment of the Wecker Road car park. Your voluntary donation to the school building fund is vital in supporting the capital works program in the College. A $200 donation per family (tax deductible) will help us achieve our next project.

It is now over 14 years since the Wecker Rd entrance to the school was developed. As the College has grown it seems the car park has become smaller. I am sure we have all felt the congestion on school days. The College Board has agreed to the redevelopment of the car park which will see the College through to the next phase of growth. The final plans include a larger drop off area, more short term parking bays and safer pathways to class by designated crossings from the parking bays and childcare centre. The redevelopment also includes an undercover area near Grace House for Primary students to await collection. Thank you to the Parent Connect fundraising team who have already committed a donation of $10,000 for the undercover area.

Your donation to the school building fund will allow other funds currently designated for capital expenditure to be utilised in the redevelopment of the car park.

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♦Facts and Figures♦

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Did you know?

Prior to the planned redevelopment, there were only 9 drop and go bays.

After the redevelopment, there will be 14 drop and go bays.

What does this achieve? Improved traffic flow in order to keep our children safe.