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Citipointe Central


Introducing the Citipointe Central logo

The design of our new Learning Management System (LMS), Citipointe Central, is well underway, with select staff and students trialling various aspects of the system which is to replace Blackboard in 2019. The logo for Citipointe Central depicts a central point using a map icon and representing all stakeholders by illustrating something common to all: our fingerprint within a stylized “C” for Citipointe and Central. The logo will be utilised on material relating to the Citipointe Central LMS, College digital communications and the newly designed College app, which will be launched at the beginning of 2019. We are looking forward to being able to unveil this new system to you over the coming six months.


Our Communication Goals

Currently, College communication is originating from many sources, and our goal will be to funnel all these communication lines into one place: Citipointe Central. Effectively, our current communication processes to parents via email, to students via Blackboard, College website events, notifications, Synergetic Parent Portal, etc, will be located under the one Central portal. This is best illustrated by use of a funnel to indicate the bringing together of many disparate systems.

Once Central is released to students, staff and parents, it will be one system accessible in two forms – via a website login, and also via an app. Here is a preview screenshot of an early release of the Citipointe App, and the various College communications you will be able to access. Our main aim with the App is to be able to present to you up-to-date information and alerts specific to your children. You will also have the ability to tailor the alerts/notifications to suit the frequency of communications you require. We don’t want to spam you any more than we like being spammed ourselves!

Central in Action

Our teachers and students have been undertaking significant testing and trialling of Central features over the past six months and continuing into Term 4. Our aim is to have the current functionality of Blackboard migrated to Central along with new classroom and communication features prior to the end of 2018. See how our students are working with Citipointe Central now in the classroom in preparation for its release next year. Class content is available to students via their class pages, and parents will have access to view units of work that their children are undertaking. Our primary aim is for students, staff and parents to see a coordinated view of the curriculum and assessment requirements.

Mr Ben Davis

Chief Information Officer (CIO)