Head of Performance

It is incredible the impact that the arts can have on a life.

Over the last decade I have watched as members of my family, my friends, students and colleagues have been changed by the power of the creative arts. When words fail, when the chaos of life surrounds us, music speaks and brings calm. It inspires, it brings joy and it touches the soul.

Twenty years ago I was first handed a musical instrument and its effect on my life has been profound. The opportunity to play an instrument in a school setting changed everything. I truly believe that it can change the lives of students and parents everywhere.

Eric Liddle, the Olympic gold medallist featured in Chariots of Fire, said: “God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.” Just like Eric Liddle, I believe that when we play, dance, sing, paint or compose, we are connecting with God on a deeper level. God made me creative, and when I use that gift, I feel His pleasure.

Over the last decade scientists have completed studies and compiled data about the benefits of music and the arts. The results are astounding. They improve academic skills, fitness, hand-eye coordination and social skills. The act of playing an instrument reduces stress and anxiety, while increasing memory skills. Young children, older patients with memory conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, and people of all ages with diagnoses such as autism, anxiety and ADHD are increasingly being referred to music therapists. This is leading to high percentages of positive outcomes in behaviour patterns and anxiety levels.

Music and the arts are changing the world. Let them change the life of your child – and yourself! Be part of your children’s journey as they are part of collaborative teams working together, accomplishing goals, making beautiful sounds and amazing dances, encouraging one another, developing leadership, and improving all facets of life skills along the way.

Let’s continue this wonderful journey together. 





Mr Jared Proellocks
Head of Performance