Sport at Citipointe

Welcome to Citipointe Sport

Sport at Citipointe plays a vital role in the education, health and well-being of our students. Citipointe celebrates a proud tradition of excellence in sport across a variety of disciplines. Sport/HPE occurs during class time for both Primary and Secondary students and we also encourage involvement in extra-curricular College Sport. Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics and Football are very popular in both Primary and Secondary, with Basketball, Volleyball and Football as focus sports in the Secondary School. Please view the Primary and Secondary Sport pages for further information.

The College Sporting program is not just about results, but development of the individual through commitment, teamwork, skill development and discipline. Every student has the opportunity to experience a range of sports both in classes and at various competitive levels. It is expected that students who show talent in sport will represent the College to the best of their ability with spirit and confidence.

Synergy Athlete Development Program in Primary

Enrolment in the Synergy Athlete Development Program is by invitation for students with ability in a Core sport at Citipointe (Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country). It is expected that members of the Synergy Program would be available to participate in the core sport for the school.

The Synergy development program is designed to increase the opportunities available to our students to access the highest quality coaching that the State has to offer – right here on the College grounds. The Synergy Program is structured to develop all fitness components with an emphasis on speed, strength, endurance and power.

Our vision is to see our students participate in a fun and enjoyable program engineered to direct, support, and assist them to train and hone their skills towards improving their personal bests and optimising their athletic potential to enable the realisation of their God-given gifts in the sporting arena.

Club sport at Citipointe

  • Swimming – Citipointe Swim Club is open to swimmers from all schools and of all ages and abilities
  • Football (Soccer) – Available to Citipointe students
  • Basketball – Available to Citipointe students
  • Tennis – Available to Citipointe and external students

Football at Citipointe

Volleyball at Citipointe