Cross Country is one of three Core Sports at Citipointe Christian College and is covered within the Synergy Athlete Development Program. Enrolment in the Synergy Program is by invitation for students with ability in a Core sport (Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country). It is expected that members of the Synergy Program would be available to participate in the core sport for the school. The Synergy development program is designed to increase the opportunities available to our students to access the highest quality coaching that the State has to offer – right here on the College grounds. The Synergy Program is structured to develop all fitness components with an emphasis on speed, strength, endurance and power. Our vision is to see our students participate in a fun and enjoyable program engineered to direct, support, and assist them to train and hone their skills towards improving their personal bests and optimising their athletic potential to enable the realisation of their God-given gifts in the sporting arena.

Synergy Cross Country training is available for students in Years 3-7. The benefits of Cross Country are both mental and physical, fostering skill development, team work, commitment, and determination.

Synergy training sessions are held during and after school, afternoon sessions are usually Monday and Wednesday afternoon 3:30pm-4:30pm. It is expected that athletes attend all scheduled training sessions. It is acknowledged that those with demanding schedules may find it difficult to attend all sessions. In these cases it is encouraged that the individual and his/her parent/s negotiate an alternative schedule in consultation with the Head of HPE and Sport. It is important that a student’s training schedule is sufficient to develop the required fitness levels to compete safely and competently.

Afternoon training sessions held on College grounds commence and conclude at College Oval. Training sessions that are held off Campus are detailed on the Synergy Training Schedule.

The Citipointe Cross Country team is selected two to three weeks prior to the Mt Gravatt District Trials and Christian Schools Sports Association Championship in Term 2. The top 5 athletes in each age division will be selected to compete at the Mt Gravatt District Trials. The top 6 athletes in each age division will be selected to compete at the Christian Schools Sports Association Championship and Intercollegiate Christian Schools Carnival.

Team selection is based primarily on the following criteria:

1)     Result at CCC Carnival

2)     Attendance at and performance during Synergy Training sessions

3)     Results at Time Trial meets organised by the Head of HPE and Sport.

Students have the opportunity to train to develop and improve their fitness over four months prior to the CCC Carnival through regular training sessions conducted by class teachers.


9 years & under

10 years

11 years

12 years & over

1,500 metres

2,000 metres

3,000 metres

3,000 metres

In Term 1 and 2 correspondence will be sent home regarding selection in the Synergy Training Program.

Cross Country events held throughout the year include;

  • Citipointe Christian College Years 3-6 Cross Country
  • Mount Gravatt District Cross Country
  • Metropolitan East Cross Country
  • Christian Schools Sports Association Cross Country
  • State Cross Country Championships

It is expected that where a school team or group is available to a student that participation in school activities would be prioritised over club / private.


For further information on Primary Sport please contact Primary Head of HPE