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If you attended Citipointe Christian College or Christian Outreach College Brisbane (1978-2009), you are part of our community. We encourage Citipointe alumni to stay connected to the College after graduation.

Alumni can be involved in 10, 20, or 30-year reunions. You are welcome to attend special events such as the College musical, bush dance, and Meraki Art Exhibition. From time to time, we host back-to-school games for our focus sports, which are volleyball, basketball, and football (soccer).

We value the expertise and experience of our alumni and encourage alumni to enrich our students’ learning. We appreciate Citipointe alumni who give back through coaching, tutoring, volunteering, and speaking engagements to inspire our students.

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Citipointe Alumni Reunions

REUNIONS 2024: CLASS OF 1984/83/82, 1994, 2004, AND 2014

  • 10 year reunion – Class of 2014 
  • 20 year reunion – Class of 2004 
  • 30 year reunion – Class of 1994 
  • 40 year reunion – Class of 1984, ’83, ’82

Thinking of planning your reunion?

The Citipointe Alumni Officer can help with your reunion. By contacting classmates, promoting the reunion, securing a venue and more.

To register your reunion, contact: or phone 07 3555 2700.

Read tips for How to plan your Citipointe reunion.

Alumni Hall of Fame 

The Alumni Hall of Fame award is a prestigious award given to a Citipointe Christian College alumnus who has contributed to the common good and human flourishing.

The award also serves to inspire our present Citipointe students and encourages them to aspire to these role models.

In 2023, we recognised Kyla Alexander (Class of 1990) for Excellence in Service to a Christian mission.

Find out more about Alumni Hall of Fame.

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