Alumni – Hall of Fame

The concept for the Alumni Hall of Fame was presented to the College Executive at the end of 2012 by Pastor Ron Woolley, then Headmaster. In 2013, the College selected and honoured the inaugural candidate into the Alumni Hall of Fame.

This award is to recognise and celebrate Citipointe Christian College graduates who exemplify the mission, vision and values of the College and who have made significant contributions and achievements in academic study, a profession, a trade, creative arts, sport, Christian ministry, service to the College or service to the community.

This Alumni Hall of Fame award is a prestigious award given to a Citipointe Christian College alumnus who has contributed to the common good and human flourishing.

The award also serves to demonstrate Citipointe graduate attributes, for present Citipointe students, encouraging them to aspire to these role models.

Selection criteria

  • The alumnus must have graduated ten or more years previously.
  • The alumnus must have succeeded and demonstrated significant influence in their chosen career.
  • The alumnus must be demonstrating life values which align with the Christian ethos of the College.



  • Nominations may be made by any person affiliated with the Citipointe Christian College community, this includes alumni as well as past and present parents and staff.
  • Nominations may be submitted at any time.
  • Nomination forms are located on the College website under alumni.


  • The Hall of Fame committee considers all eligible nominations that meet the specified selection criteria. This includes research of information contained in the nomination and contacting referees.
  • All nominations submitted prior to the end of the year preceding the biennial selection are considered.
  • Assessment timeframes are established by the committee.


  • All nominations are confidential, and information provided will only be used to assist the committee in considering the merits of the nomination.

Induction frequency

  • Induction to the Hall of Fame occurs on a biennial basis.

Number of inductees

  • The number of nominations selected for induction to the Hall of Fame is up to one (1) for each biennial period and will be at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Inductees are selected by deliberation of the Committee rather than endorsement of the nominator.
  • Unsuccessful nominees may be re-nominated in subsequent years.


The successful nominee will be advised in writing of their induction.

  • The Development Office of the College will prepare an individual plaque and a poster for the Hall of Fame which will include the name, title and photograph of the inductee in recognition of their award.
  • The inductee will be recognised at the College’s Foundation Day assembly during the year of endorsement.
  • The inductee will receive the individual plaque and the poster will be unveiled at the Foundation Day Assembly.
  • The poster of the inductee will be permanently displayed in the College Hall.
  • An article regarding the inductee will be included in the following Alumni magazine and promoted on social media platforms.
  • A list of all Alumni Hall of Fame recipients are located on the College’s website under Alumni.
  • The committee reserves the right to withdraw inductees from the Alumni Hall of Fame is the committee considered it inappropriate for the inductee to remain.


Alumni Hall of Fame inductees




Adrian Schrinner (Class of 1994)


Service to the wider community




John Haly (Class of 1994)


Service to the Australian Defence Force




Ashleigh Maclaine (Class of 2006)


Service to the creative arts




Ps Tim McDonald (Class of 1993)


Excellence in Christian ministry





Ruth Limkin (Class of 1991)


Service to the wider community