Alumni News

Pastor - Joel Power

Class of 2002

Joel attended Christian Outreach College graduating in 2002. He obtained a Bachelor of Business, but he always had an inkling that he wanted to go into ministry, also completing an Advanced Diploma in Theology and Christian Ministry. He is currently a revival group pastor at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, USA.

“Actually as a kid, I used to play ‘businesses and preachers’ with my cousins and all of us ended up in either ministry or business.” Joel has always had a passion to serve people and be in leadership.

Joel and his wife, Sarah (nee Couper, Class of 2001 also an alumnus of Citipointe Christian College) met in 2003 and were married in 2005. “We are celebrating fourteen years of marriage this year and have two children, Justice and Honey. I think it’s funny that when we took a school picture back in 1997 of the entire school, the girl standing in front of me would be the girl I would marry, but we wouldn’t meet until six years later. I find it funny and also a great example of how God works in such mysterious ways. Sometimes the answer is right under your nose.”

Joel has fond memories of his time at the College. “(Ps) Ron Woolley was the headmaster when I attended and he showed such excellence in his leadership and commitment to the school and the students. I think Citipointe is one of those schools that you can be very proud to have gone to.” Joel says he has always been drawn to how Christ-centered Citipointe is, as well as the level of excellence across many areas. “My favourite memory is when I handed Ps Woolley and Mrs Moore a sword as a gift in commemoration of the senior class. The sword was to represent the word of God, and the sword is still used in major ceremonies at Citipointe. Seeing the tears in Ron Woolley’s eyes as I gave him that gift from our class is a beautiful memory I will never forget. It was legacy.”

“Mr Cook, the Science teacher, was one of my favourites, probably because he let us out early since we were basketball students and he was the coach! I also loved Mrs Turner who taught me in Business. She was always so kind and wonderful.”

Of his current role, Joel says that, “God has worked on the prophetic journey in my life. We have always worked and journeyed towards words we have heard and read in the Bible. God has built the confidence in my life and favour, and we have been exposed to many brilliant people, both in the business world, and here currently as a pastor (in the USA). I think God has been so gracious to allow us to be exposed to so much.”

Joel keeps in touch with as many of his friends from Citipointe as possible. “I try to keep up with my old cohort and try and attend as many reunions as I can.”

Joel’s advice to current students is, “to have an appetite for big thinking. Create spaces in your world that engage with something bigger than you and that encourages big thinking. What you are exposed to will be the lid of how you will do life.”