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The College Academy was established in 2004 to assist students to reach for their academic goals.  Since this time it has grown in size and caters for Primary and Secondary students requiring individual assistance.

What we offer

We offer goal directed assistance that is based on students current learning needs and task requirements. Parents are provided with a choice in terms of the level of tutor that they request.  Secondary teacher tutors focus on their area of expertise and provide subject specific support while student tutors, who are selected based on their high academic achievement in a subject or range of subjects, are able to offer more broad based support depending on the subjects they completed in their senior years.  Additionally Qualified tutors, including EAL tutors, have completed tertiary education in a relevant field but are not trained teachers.  Primary teachers generally specialise in upper or lower primary and are assigned students accordingly.

Support is offered in the following areas:

Secondary students

  • Developing better understanding of subject content
  • Assistance with assignment management and completion
  • Study skills and time management
  • Improving English Language skills
  • Development of critical thinking and reasoning skills which are needed to attain higher achievement levels

Primary students

  • Assistance with reading development
  • Development of foundational skills in literacy and numeracy
  • Homework support

All our tutors undergo training and are able to access their students teachers, through the Academy, to offer more targeted support.

For more information about Individual Tutoring, please contact Mrs Barbara Skelton at 

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