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The College Academy was established in 2004 to assist students to reach for their academic goals.  Since this time it has grown in size and caters for Primary and Secondary students requiring individual assistance.

What we offer

Individual tutoring is for students who seek additional support in their academic studies. Some reasons include overcoming difficulties with subject content; reaching towards higher levels; managing time and study skills and improving English language abilities. The Academy provides parents with a choice of tutors depending on the student’s needs and goals. These include Alumni of Citipointe, Teachers and ESL trained tutors.

The purpose and goals for individual tutoring are very varied and range from general study support, improving study techniques, assistance with content understanding, catching up where there are gaps in knowledge and pushing upwards for higher grades, for example efforts to move from a HA to a VHA.

For more information about Individual Tutoring, please contact Mrs Colleen Mills, our Director of Teaching and Learning, via Secondary Reception.

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Individual Tutoring:

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If Maths tutoring is required for Yr 10-12, please state which level of Math e.g. Math Methods

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Diane Tucker is a Teacher Tutor at the Academy, when we asked Diane her thoughts on tutoring her reply was:

“I have been tutoring English at the Academy for many years and have found it a most rewarding and enriching experience.

I feel that the role of a tutor is to assist the students to fully understand the task at hand and to help facilitate the process of producing an assignment that meets the expected criteria. The outcomes that students achieve as a result of tutoring are largely dependent on their attitude to the tutoring sessions and on their willingness to put in the effort required.

It is extremely important to build a rapport with the students, as they will certainly work harder if they know that you care about them and are committed to helping them achieve their goals.

It has been my privilege over the years to work with so many dedicated and enthusiastic students and the only downside is that, when they reach the end of Year 12, it brings our tutoring sessions to a close.”