What is Individual Tutoring?

Individual Tutoring offers a student one-on-one time with either a Teacher Tutor or a Student Tutor.

What form do l need to register my student for Individual Tutoring?

An Individual Tutoring Registration Form

What do I do with the Registration Form once I have completed it?

Take it to the Secondary Student Reception for the attention of Mrs Mills

Do I keep any part of the Registration Form?

Yes, you keep the information pages and return the student information pages.

What are the fees for the Individual Tutoring?

The fees are broken into two parts, the first is an Administration Fee and the second is the Tuition Fee.
1.      The Administration Fee covers all of the administration costs associated with running the Academy. The Administration Fee is charged at the start of each term and is per term irrespective of the week that the student starts tutoring during the term. It is non-refundable.
2.      The Tuition Fee is paid, through the Academy, to the respective Tutor/Teacher responsible for supplying the lesson. The fee is per session and is per student unless students share an ‘Individual’ tutor session.
Administration Fee
·           One tutoring session per week – $75.00
·           Two or more tutoring sessions per week per family – $125.00
Tuition Fee
·           Teacher (Referred to as a Teacher Tutor) – $50.00
·           Past Student of CCC now at university (Referred to as a Student Tutor) – $30.00
·           English as a Second Language (ESL Tutor) Tutor (International College Students) – $40.00
(This does not include Teachers who tutor ESL, the teachers who tutor ESL are paid at Teacher Tutor rates.)

What are the Terms and Conditions for Individual Tutoring?

·   Registration is valid for a calendar year or until notice of termination of tutoring is given.
·    Tuition fees are billed on a month to month basis to the student’s school fee account.
To cancel a tutoring session: 
·   24 hours notice is required unless there is an unexpected illness or event in which case notification must be received before 11.00am on the day of tutoring. Failure to provide the required notice will result in the full fee being charged.
·   As Registration is a contract between a Parent/Homestay Coordinator and the Academy, advice must be received from the student’s Parent/Homestay Coordinator unless permission is granted by Parent/Homestay Coordinator for the student to work directly with the Tutor Coordinator.
·  To prevent confusion, all cancellations must be provided in writing through an email, text or a letter (see details on Page 1 for the addresses) or, if the student has permission to cancel/reschedule a tutoring session, they should fill in the Tutoring Cancellation/Reschedule Request Sheet that is kept on the Circulation Desk with the daily role.
·  The Secondary Library / Grace House Reception staff will not accept cancellations or termination from any students or parents/host parent. This must be given directly to the Tutor Coordinator as mentioned above.
When a tutoring session is shared by two or more students:  
·  The Tuition Fee of the tutor chosen (Teacher/Past Student/ESL) is shared by the students.
·   If one member of the group cancels (regardless of cancellation advice from that student) all students will be charged for the session.
·  However if all the students in a group session cancel 24 hours prior to a session then no students will be charged for the session.
The Academy Director reserves the right to change the session time/s of a student where 2 consecutive sessions have been missed without a legitimate reason.
The Academy Director reserves the right to withdraw a student where 3 consecutive sessions have been missed without a legitimate reason.
·     Tutoring cannot be viewed as an ad hoc process and cancellation of a tutoring session should only be for legitimate reasons such as illness or unavoidable appointments.  When assignments are complete there is still a variety of work for students to work on with their tutors.
·     A parent is entitled at any stage to ask for an update on tutoring progress.
·     Timetables of our Student Tutors change between University semesters therefore tutoring times with students may be subject to change.  Parents will be notified of any such changes and will be given the option of rescheduling.
To terminate tutoring: 
·       The Academy must be advised in writing.
·       The Academy requires a two week notice period.

How do I pay for tutoring?

Any Tutoring charges are added to a student’s school account every fortnight and a Statement of Account is mailed as per account instructions.

The Academy Director reserves the right to withdraw a student when fees are not paid within 30 days of presentation of a Statement of Account by the Business Office. Payment can be made directly to the Business Office either by using a credit card or with cash or by direct debit

Do l have to pay the Administration Fee each term?


When do l have to re-register

You do not have to re-register each term.

You have to re-register each year

How can I get progress reports on tutoring?

Request a progress report by emailing tutoringacademy@citipointe.qld.edu.au

What do l do if l am not satisfied with the current tutoring arrangement?

Email your concern to Mrs Mills on tutoringacademy@citipointe.qld.edu.au

Can I contact the tutor directly?

No, all contact is through Citipointe Academy

How do I cancel a tutoring session?

Email the Tutor Coordinator at tutoringacademy@citipointe.qld.edu.au or call 0432 077 179

How do I terminate tutoring?

Email the Tutor Coordinator at tutoringacademy@citipointe.qld.edu.au or call 0432 077 179

What do my student do on their first day of tutoring?

Go to the Circulation Desk in the Secondary Library 5 minutes prior to tutoring is due to start and sign the Roll.

Your student must bring their text books and work books as well as pens, pencils, USB/memory stick and calculator if needed .

Who do I contact to discuss my tutoring requirements?

Should you have any queries, need to discuss rescheduling or cancellation of a session or termination of tutoring, please contact Bev Jackson, the Academy Tutor Coordinator, via:

Email: tutoringacademy@citipointe.qld.edu.au

In writing: Citipointe Christian College Academy, c/o Secondary Student Reception 322 Wecker Road Carindale Q 4152

Mobile: 0432 077 179

When does the academy operate?

Term Start End Comments
1 Week 3 Week 9 Tutoring continues throughout senior exam block
2 Week 1 Week 11 Tutoring continues throughout senior exam block
3 Week 1 Week 10 Student tutors change their university timetables in second
semester so there may be a delay to start time as new
timetables are arranged. Tutoring continues throughout senior
exam block
4 Week 1 Week 7 Tutoring continues throughout senior exam block Tutoring for
year 12’s ends in week 5 No tutoring in the last week of term