Head of Primary


The Primary School at Citipointe is a joyous and welcoming environment, where we consider it a
distinct honour and privilege to instil Godly wisdom into the lives of our cherished students. Our
devoted staff is unwaveringly committed to the pursuit of our overarching school vision.

Our Vision
Our vision is to establish Citipointe as an exemplary Christian school, fostering an environment that
inspires students to achieve their personal best, contribute to the common good, and flourish as

As a truly great Christian school
Our unwavering commitment to being a distinctly Christian institution draws inspiration from the life
and teachings of Jesus Christ. Our educators recognize the imperative of imparting the knowledge
and cultural values of God to the next generation. At Citipointe, students are encouraged to explore
moral, spiritual, and ethical questions, guided by the foundational principle: ‘Train a child in the way it
should go, and it will not depart from it’ (Proverbs 22:6).

Students achieving their personal best
We firmly believe that each student, created in the image of God, possesses intrinsic worth and
tremendous potential. Grounded in this belief, we set high expectations and uphold academic rigor,
striving for excellence. The Primary School staff seizes every opportunity to guide students on their
learning adventure, recognizing that the learning path may be long but ensuring that no path is
blocked. The challenge for both parents and staff is to inspire the children entrusted to us toward
greatness, guided by the principle: ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the
Lord’ (Colossians 3:23a).

Students contributing to the common good and human flourishing
Within our community, we cultivate an atmosphere of respect and honour, recognizing the divine
imprint on our students’ lives. We embrace our inherent abilities and endeavour to create a
community where empathy thrives. Our aspiration is to reflect the attributes of our Creator in all
aspects of our lives and endeavours, guided by the principle: ‘In everything, do unto others as you
would have them do unto you.’ (Matthew 7:12).

Kim Piercey 
Head of Primary