Primary Health and Physical Education Program

Health and Physical Education lessons are an integral part of the school curriculum at Citipointe Christian College for students in Years Prep-6.

Physical Education: Years Prep-3

The Years Prep – 3 Physical Education Program aims to challenge our students to grow and develop through a wide range of activities that includes: fundamental gross motor skills, body management/movement exploration, athletics, ball handling, striking activities and game play. The Terms 1 and 4 swimming program also enriches the curriculum by providing opportunities to learn survival skills and practise stroke development. Many of these skills are showcased and celebrated at the House Swimming Carnival (Term 1) and Athletics Carnival (Term 3).

Physical Education: Years 4-6

A greater emphasis on game play, athletic performance and swimming stroke development highlights the changing focus of the Physical Education Program during the middle and upper years. Students are led to develop the skills of team work and tactical play through the Games (Basketball and Football) Program and Athletic Performance (High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, Sprints and Distance Running) through the Track and Field Program. Swimming stroke development and survival skills are also further developed from the foundational skills fostered during the lower primary swimming program. Students also participate in House and Interschool sports competitions which present opportunities to compete in a wide range of sports and through a variety of contexts. The Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming House Carnivals are held in Term 1, Term 2, and Term 4 respectively. These competitions also provide an avenue for our students to discover their God-given talents in specialised fields and earn representative honours at School, District, Regional and State level.

Health Education: Years Prep- 6

Following the release of the draft framing documents of the National Curriculum, Citipointe took strides towards the implementation of the health curriculum and its introduction has been earmarked by thought provoking and engaging lessons. Health lessons provide our Primary School students with lessons and activities that focus on learning valuable life skills related to health and how it influences and is influenced by personal, social, and community factors.

Our students enthusiastically investigate the challenges that are raised through these lessons which address pertinent health issues of sun safety, personal (physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, social) development, water awareness and lifesaving. Further opportunities to expand the personal development program are also created with the introduction of social skills lessons into the Friday afternoon sport program. This has proven to be an invaluable time for our students to develop stronger, healthier relationships between their peers and the teaching staff.

Primary Sports Program

Sport is an integral part of life at Citipointe Christian College and our students are provided with an extensive range of opportunities to cater for their interests and abilities.

Wednesday Morning Sport: Years Prep – 3

The Prep-3 Wednesday morning sport program compliments what is taught in class Physical Education lessons and expands the opportunities available for skill development. Sessions take place on the college oval in year level slots of 40 minutes and include tabloid games, minor games and skill drills that are conducted on a rotational basis. The program also infuses the expertise of development officers from national sporting bodies during this time with cricket skills taught through the In2Cricket program (Cricket Australia), rugby league skills through the Backyard League Program (Australian Rugby League Foundation), AFL skills through the Auskick program (AFL Qld), and football (soccer) skills through the Total Football Academy and Zova programs.

Friday Afternoon Sport – Years 4-6

The Friday afternoon sports program is comprised of two models of activity, the District Interschool Fixtures Competitions and the Campus Sports Program.

The Interschool Fixtures Competitions are divided into winter and summer seasons. Winter fixtures are conducted in Semester 1 and include Rugby League (boys), Netball (girls), Touch Football (girls) and Soccer (mixed). Summer fixtures are conducted in Semester 2 and include Basketball (boys and girls), Cricket (mixed), Touch Football (boys), AFL (boys and girls), and Volleyball (boys and girls).

Our interschool teams consist of talented students who are eager to represent our college in a competitive context and pit their best skills and teamwork against other schools in our surrounding area which form what is known as the Mount Gravatt District. CCC has a tradition of fielding competitive teams in the District Interschool Fixtures Competitions with the majority of our teams competing in the finals of their respective fixtures competitions.

The Campus Sports Program encompasses a range of alternative physical activities that provide our students with exposure to alternative forms of physical activity (table tennis, badminton, tennis, water sports, dance, indoor hockey, ten pin bowling, gym work, traditional and modified sports) that go beyond what can be offered through the Interschool Sports Program. Its primary purpose is to provide fun, engaging activities that are non-competitive in nature and expand their Sports I.Q. 

Interschool Fixtures Schedule

Core Sports – Cross Country, Track & Field, Swimming

Cross Country, Track & Field and Swimming are the core sports at Citipointe Christian College. Development programs for our core sports are conducted on a seasonal basis to complement the representative trials conducted by the District (Mount Gravatt), Regional (Metropolitan East), State (Queensland) and National Sporting Associations. In addition to these opportunities to earn individual representative honours at District, Regional, and State level, Citipointe students also compete in the Christian Schools Sporting Association Championships (Cross Country, Track & Field and Swimming). Primary School students who show ability in a core sport are invited to the Synergy – Athlete Development Program.

Synergy – Athlete Development Program

The Synergy Athlete Development Program was established to increase the opportunities available to our students to access the highest quality coaching that the state has to offer – right here on the college grounds. Synergy is structured to develop all fitness components with an emphasis on speed, strength, endurance and power. Our vision is to see our students participate in a fun and enjoyable program designed to direct, support, and assist them to train and hone their skills towards improving their personal bests and optimising their athletic potential so as to enable the realisation of their God-given gifts in the sporting arena.