Middle Years 7 – 9


Our Christian worldview underpins all curriculum units, as we prepare our students for the destiny and purpose God has designed for them.

The emphasis for Years 7, 8 and 9 is on Exploration of Interests.  Studies include integrated units, with a focus on real-life contexts.  Different learning styles and personalities of both boys and girls are catered for within gender-specific classes for some subjects, and across-the-year-level specially designed projects.

Relationships are crucial to this age group, so pastoral care receives extra attention, with the pastoral care program also accommodating the emotional and social needs of both genders, through camps, pastoral care classes, and specialist staff.

All students entering the College are assessed so that intellectual strengths and weaknesses are more clearly identified.  This is completed through an Edutest which is held on campus at the College prior to students commencing.  The College strives to cater for the range of students and student aspirations through learning support, EAL and extension classes (Honours and XP classes) and streaming according to ability in some core subject areas.


Year 7 is the step up to Secondary. The first year of Secondary aims to provide a transition between Primary and Secondary to obtain new skills, explore new subjects and to provide a combination of a Core course of Australian Curriculum Phase 1 Learning Areas and specialty secondary areas.  Students can explore an extensive range of subjects in Year 7, to ensure they have opportunity in all areas of the curriculum.

Year 8 aims to explore interests and the God-given talents and abilities of our students. Studies focus on real-life contexts and aim to broaden student experience through a wider range of subjects. Students study a Core Course of Australian Curriculum Learning Areas of English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Arts, Languages, Technology, Business and HPE, and College subjects of Christian Studies, Chapel and Sport. There are choices of subjects within the Learning Areas of Arts, Languages and Technology.

Year 9 continues the exploration but with greater focus, with a Core Course of the Australian Curriculum Learning Areas of English, Maths, Science, History and Geography, and electives from subjects within the Learning Areas of Arts, Languages, Technology, Business and HPE. College subjects are continued.