Vocational Education & Training (VET)

Internal VET – offered on-campus

Nationally Recognised Training (Australian Qualifications Framework)

nationally-recognised-trainingAs a Registered Training Organisation, the college has the facility to offer Nationally Recognised Training to students in Years 11 and 12. Students are able to select these Vocational courses from a range of options including the following Certificates which are offered as part of the school curriculum:

  • Certificate III in Business Administration
  • Certificate II in Creative Industries
  • Certificare II in Hospitality
  • Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
  • Certificate II in Live Production and Services
  • Certificate II in Tourism (Hospitality stream)
All course information is correct at time of publication but is subject to change.

Completion of VET Certificates provides students with skills and knowledge which will enable them to obtain part-time or full-time employment.  Some courses can also be used as credit towards further study at TAFE or other private colleges.  All courses earn points towards the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

On completion of their training, students are issued AQF qualifications or Statements of Attainment.

For further information regarding Internal VET courses contact Mrs Lupita Calero (Head of Vocational Education).

Email: lupitac@citipointe.qld.edu.aupennym@citipointe.qld.edu.au

External Vet – offered off-campus

External Courses

In addition to the above courses, students may be able to undertake VET courses off-site with other training providers e.g. TAFE. Examples of courses on offer are Children’s Services, Health Services, Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, Hairdressing, Retail, Multimedia and Engineering.

School-based traineeships and apprenticeships (SATs)

Students may also be able to participate in school based traineeships and apprenticeships (SATs) as a further vocational option.  SATs enable students to complete a formal qualification as well as undertake paid work in their chosen career field.  SATs are available in a diverse range of fields such as: Business, IT, Multimedia, Childcare, Fitness, Beauty, Hairdressing, Automotive, Engineering, Carpentry and Hospitality.  Students participating in this program will spend time (usually one day) each week ‘on the job’ and will undertake formal one-on-one training throughout that period.  Successful completion of VET studies provides a Tertiary Entrance Rank which can be used to apply for tertiary study.

For further information regarding External VET contact Mrs Lupita Calero (Head of Vocational Education).

Email:  lupitac@citipointe.qld.edu.aupennym@citipointe.qld.edu.au


Certificate II in Tourism trainees
Certificate II in Tourism trainees
with Matt Preston at the International Fine Food Festival at Noosa
Certificate II in Live Production and Services trainees
Certificate II in Live Production and Services trainees
Support Crew Backstage at Showcase