Citipointe Christian College is often asked about its approach to education and its views/policies on a range of student issues. For your information, we detail below the most frequently asked questions, together with our responses. Should you have other questions or queries about the College, please contact the Registrar’s Office (07 3347 5864), who will be happy to provide further details.

Q. What type of student attends Citipointe Christian College?

Citipointe Christian College draws students from the broad metropolitan Brisbane area and from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. Many families have a previous association with the College. Citipointe attracts students from actively Christian families or from families who strongly desire a Christian education for their children. Citipointe Christian College appeals to parents who are looking for a disciplined co-educational environment with strong pastoral care.

Q. What are Citipointe Christian College’s strengths?

Citipointe Christian College is proud of the strength of its past record and traditions, but especially of its vision for the future, which is dynamic and unfolding rather than static:

  • Our strong commitment to Christian ethics and practice
  • A quality teaching staff composed of committed Christians
  • Academic rigour is a core value
  • A quality student academic program, indicated by the academic success of both primary and secondary students as measured in the various public tests
  • The opportunities that exist for students to excel in academics, the arts and sport

Q. Does Citipointe Christian College only cater for those who are talented academically?

No. While academic rigour is a core value, lessons are structured to be progressive learning experiences across a range of intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual and physical pursuits that we hope will unlock students’ potential. Our commitment to our students is to help them discover their strengths and fulfil their potential.

Q. My children are academic – is Citipointe Christian College the school for them?

Parents should take into account a number of qualities when selecting a school. Two questions to ask when investigating the academic standing of any school are:

  • How do the top students at this College compare with those from other leading schools?
  • How does the average performance of all students at this College compare with that from other leading schools?
  • It is sometimes difficult to find answers to these questions, as schools are naturally reluctant to compare.

At CCCB our answer is:

  • Our record in national literacy and numeracy tests and international competitions reveals superior performance
  • Several Citipointe Christian College Year 12 students have won Australian Government Student Prizes at exit, indicating they were in the top 100 in Queensland and the top 500 in Australia that academic year
  • We publish a full disclosure of all senior results since 1992 (when the present system of tertiary entrance was instituted) on the website, so parents can judge average results. We comment in regular newsletters on any public test results for our students.

Q. What type of pastoral care is provided by Citipointe Christian College ?

Pastoral care at Citipointe Christian College is responsive to the needs and age of individual students. The aim is to provide physical and emotional safety for all children. Responsible for PC program are a number of staff specifically chosen for their skills in helping students deal with any difficulty. They include the primary school’s Directors of Student Care and the secondary school’s Heads of Years and Director of Student Development.

The primary school encourages older students to be good role models and to help other students in the playground. The Directors of Student Care assists the Head of Primary in the administration of the Behaviour Management Policy.

The College Student Presidents provide role models for all students but especially the secondary students. Heads of Year are appointed for each Year level. During the day, each secondary class meets briefly with a “Connexions” teacher. The Director of Student Development assists the Head of Secondary and the Heads of Year in implementing the Behaviour Management Policy.

Citipointe Christian College rewards and acknowledges students success through recognition with badges, pins, and certificates, and presentations feature prominently in school assemblies.

Q. Why is Citipointe Christian College co-educational?

Since foundation in 1978, Citipointe Christian College has been co-educational. The College believes a co-educational environment is beneficial for children because it mirrors family and social structures with which they are familiar and which are the norm in the community at large.

Q. How are students prepared for life after school?

Citipointe Christian College focuses on providing a strong Christian and academic foundation that will serve students throughout life. This formal learning is complemented by co-curricular activities such as sport, cultural events and the arts. Christian Studies (primary school), Christian Living (secondary school) and Chapel creates a platform for religious and values education that seeks to provide a fuller knowledge and understanding of ethical and spiritual matters. Citipointe Christian College is committed to the integration of faith and learning in all areas of the curriculum and to the development of a Biblical Christian worldview. Our faith perspective is evangelical charismatic.