Fee Information

The College’s Schedule of Fees continues to be an all-­inclusive tuition fee. The tuition fee quoted, in the vast majority of cases, will be the ONLY payment required, and this can be paid annually, by term, or monthly, through all the usual methods of payment. No additional levies will be charged for

  • day excursions
  • weekly sport
  • year level camps
  • secondary curriculum camps
  • examination fees charged by government
  • academic competition fees

Items that will continue to be charged separately, that is, items excluded from the all-­inclusive fee include

  • certain extra­curricula sports and activities
  • tutoring through Citipointe Christian College Academy
  • international travel under the International Student Outreach Program
  • musical instrument hiring
  • Text Books and Stationery
  • Stationery items are not included in the tuition fee, and parents purchase these separately.
  • Parents are not required to purchase secondary textbooks due to the College’s textbook hire scheme