Citipointe Christian College International

Academic rigour – Christian values

At Citipointe, international students can develop their English language skills right here on campus before entering their Secondary school program. This means that they can make friends with local students and become familiar with the routines of a large Australian school while studying English. The International College offers intensive English language courses for students from a variety of countries including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. This wonderful cultural diversity encourages friendship and understanding across cultures and language groups.

Citipointe students enjoy the facilities of a world class learning environment and a team of exceptional teaching professionals. Classrooms are equipped with interactive technology, air conditioning, modern furniture and veranda areas for group work activities. The glass and steel construction with high ceilings creates an impression of space and light. The absence of bells to mark lesson breaks adds to the atmosphere of peace created by the bushland setting and the presence of God. It’s no wonder that in this ideal learning environment and with our talented teaching staff, our students are thriving.

English preparation classes are conducted using the latest interactive technology. Students play sport and enjoy recess and lunch breaks with local students, and their free time is spent on the mainstream campus with the Australian students. Small class size means each student has individual attention from their teacher. English tests are conducted every ten weeks until the student reaches the level needed for entry to the Secondary school.

We expect our students to work hard and achieve highly and we give them every opportunity to do so. Our programs encompass every aspect of a student’s development: English language proficiency, academic achievement, self-confidence, work ethic, integrity. As a Christian school we value and promote the spiritual, mental and physical health and wellbeing of each student.



Dr Lillian Myers
Head of International

Dr Myers was the Head of English at Citipointe Christian College from 1995 – 2003. She was the founding Head of International and has served in this capacity since 2002. She has a Master’s degree in TESOL and a PhD in English Literature.