• Secondary Library Refurbishment

Secondary Library Refurbishment

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Vision for Proposed Linke Library Refurbishment

Our Secondary Library is set to undergo some major renovations and improvements with a view to creating a more dynamic learning environment needed for 21st century learning. The Linke Library was officially opened in May 1996 and has been a place where lifelong friendships have been formed, many study projects birthed and board games lost and won. After twenty-two years it is time to upgrade to a maker space.

Students’ perspective

The Library has an atmosphere that allows students to not only work productively, but also offers space to socialise.  There is always so much activity in the Library with students involved in their own activities and others working together seamlessly. – Caleb W, Year 12

My friends and I prefer to stay inside the Library during break time because it is quiet and we can complete our homework and study productively.  If we want to play a board game, we can move into another space in the Library without annoying other students. – Zoe C, Year 12

Our vision is to create a high-tech hub for collaboration, inquiry, imagination, creativity and innovation. By addressing the needs of a multimodal learning community, we aim to support the integration of 21st century learning into the curriculum. This will assist our students with the skills needed for further study and future workplace environment.


  • A designated Makerspace* promoting innovative learning experiences such as robotics, coding drones and textile design
  • Fluid library design that allows for multipurpose, highly adaptable gathering places. Modular furniture will provide comfortable seating and customisation of room arrangements. Mobile seating, desks and bookshelves will encourage classroom engagement and interaction. The overall learning environment will be adaptive to the needs of our students, for example, reading nooks, breakout spaces and presentation areas.
  • A redesigned circulation desk that provides improved student access to technology support, information resources and library staff advice
  • Practical elements including acoustic treatments which have been engineered to absorb noise and reverberation, improved lighting and ambience
  • Modernised decor to create a welcoming, vibrant and culturally inclusive environment
  • Ample electrical outlets and circuits offering seamless integration of technology as well as improved access to print, digital and multimedia collections
  • Upgraded facilities will enhance after-school activities such as tutoring, staff meetings and functions
  • A new career space for interviewing students and parents on the career pathway for their child.

*A makerspace is a collaborative workspace inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools.

Building for the future

This new upgrade will cost just over $200,000. The school has applied to the state government for some of this funding with the remainder being sought from the school community. We are looking to raise $40,000 through the school building fund. Below is an extract from the Business Handbook, page 21:

The Building Fund is one of the avenues for parent support of the College’s building program. These funds support areas of our capital works program that are not covered under the normal College budget. All families of the College are invited to donate an amount of $200 per family per year to the School Building Fund via the Cardo Foundation.

Tax-deductible donations can be made on the link below or at the Business Office.

Completion of this project will be February 2020.

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