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Australian Junior Chess Champion

Congratulations to Lachlan in Year 3 who recently won the Australian Junior Chess Championships held on the Gold Coast. He also received 3rd place in the Under 8 Blitz competition and 2nd in the Under 8 Problem Solving Open category.

“During the tournament I was in shock. Having a perfect score on the third day was quite challenging but I miraculously did it. Though my coach helped me analyse each game I found out that even though I won my games I still missed a few wins and played a few mistakes. My last game was just excitement as I was playing on board 1 on the live DGT (Digital) Board. I won my game fairly quickly but I couldn’t take in the fact that I was the under-8s Australian champion. Receiving a perfect score 9/9 wasn’t a simple task. Playing without pressure is extremely difficult when you have an older brother watching nervously from the stands, a mum praying I’ll win the match and more than a 100 eyes watching my game.”

Lachlan – Junior Chess Champion 2020


Date posted: February 5, 2020