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3 April Primary Parent Information on COVID-19

Dear Citipointe community
You, our families, are uppermost in our hearts, minds and prayers at this time. Our students have always been at the centre of all we do at Citipointe. As the numbers have decreased on campus due to the social distancing rules, we have missed them. Maybe not the litter and lost property, but definitely their hugs and laughter, and certainly their curiosity and questions in class.

Stage 1 Curriculum Framework
We are excited by what we are designing for you in our Stage 1 plan for further curriculum delivery. There is a simplicity to the structure we will place in Central. We believe this time-table style framework will be an effective way of delivering curriculum for Unit 2. It will enable even our younger students to manage their learning independently, once they are shown what to do. We will be continuing to add to this progressively throughout Term 2.
Holiday Routine 
With 3 weeks of holidays, I encourage you to create a routine and stick to it, for security for the children and sanity for yourself. Maybe start each day, as many of you already do, with a daily family devotion time. Have the children take turns to read scripture, write out prayers, deliver a short message and lead worship using You Tube clips.
Keep reading
With libraries closed there are still thousands of books available through Reading Eggs. If parents or older siblings can ask questions this will help children to improve their comprehension skills.
Questions can be:
Factual (can be found in the text) – What was the boy’s name? How did he get to school?
Inferential (read between the lines) – Why was the girl feeling sad?
Evaluative (analyze, make judgements) – What do you think the boy should have done? Why?
Keep writing
Writing is a cumulative task that provides the opportunity to use many literacy skills. Encourage children to write not just imaginatively but also as an outlet for thoughts and feelings. Some families have a Blessing Box so that each day family members can write down and share something they are thankful for.
Daily activities 
Rich learning can occur through many of the daily family activities such as planting a vegetable garden or cooking from a favourite recipe. In an integrated way history, science, maths and literacy are utilized.
As many families know, engaging in board games, puzzles, painting, play doh, Lego, construction as well as in back yard soccer or basketball are all great opportunities for continued active learning as well as developing social and emotional skills.
If parents have to work from home and continue to look after children, depending on their ages, agree together of the need to create space for you to do what you need to. It is never too early for children to learn that others’ needs matter too.
While technology is a wonderful tool, in these weeks of increased usage please maintain your vigilance. Revise the rules with the children.

  • Devices should never be left in bedrooms
  • Usage in a public space in the house only
  • Restrictions checked and maintained on the device
  • Amount of time limited and appropriate to age
  • Checking internet history
  • Educating yourself through the useful websites and programs available.

Stay in Touch
Technology can assist to make the isolation bearable particularly if many of you, like me, have loved ones interstate or overseas. Our large extended family has, for decades, met together for lunch most Sundays after church. This has been replaced by the App, Houseparty. There were 8 of us on there the other night including my son living in Melbourne. It decreased just slightly the angst of being separated from him, at this time, to see and hear him.
I encourage you to keep checking in with family and friends but also our school families particularly as so many of them have no other family here in Australia. Some of our community are not linked into a church and your text, phone call, or funny meme will make such a difference.
Philippians 4:6
I leave with you this scripture that is most comforting, ‘Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and asking, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.’ Please continue to pray for wisdom for all our leaders in every field.
A Prep child said to his teacher this week, “I think the virus is a lesson”. When asked what he meant, he said, “It’s a lesson to trust God”. From the mouths of babes.

Yours sincerely

Ruth Gravestein
Head of Primary 

Date posted: April 3, 2020