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3 April Secondary Parent Information on COVID-19

Dear Secondary Parents
I pray that you are remaining healthy and safe, as we all navigate this challenging time. The campus is unusually quiet without our students’ enthusiasm and energy. Our Secondary staff pray for the students and families each morning and are missing having all the students in class.

This week, the teachers are busy preparing for an exciting new delivery of lessons to your students, in an external learning setting, to be used if virus outbreak circumstances dictate we need it in Term 2. Our program for Virtual Learning will be accessed through our Learning Management System, Citipointe Central, using its various online features which will enable us to provide a high-quality education to our students. We are confident that their learning should continue uninterrupted, with the same level of teacher engagement and quality subject content. 

If the College moves to Virtual Learning next term, all Secondary students, whether they are present at school or present at home, will follow the external learning model, moving through the day using their 2020 timetable, doing the same subjects at the same scheduled times. If students are at school, they will move to their usual rooms and be with their usual teacher for their subjects and will study the external learning program. Here is a taster of Virtual Learning at Citipointe in Term 2, if we need to implement this.

  • Timetable, subjects, lesson times, teachers will remain the same
  • Teachers will continue to have close interaction with students
  • Students will still wear their uniforms
  • Students will still be involved in class discussions
  • Students will still have Assembly time, Chapel and Christian Studies, and Physical Education
  • Teachers will continue to mark the roll in Period 1 and share a short devotion with the class
  • Teachers will continue to mark the class roll in each lesson


  • Students will have optional Physical Activity times during Tuesday and Wednesday Sport afternoons, and special external training sessions for our Focus Sports
  • Students will have a Wellbeing and Pastoral Care period in the place of Year Level Assemblies
  • Senior students will have designated Private Study periods in the place of their Access periods
  • Students will be required to submit class work at the end of each lesson

I hope that you have received and read the updates that Pastor Mulheran, Mrs Gravestein and I have been posting on Central. If not, please make sure that you do, so that you have the latest information from the College about our provisions for your student. Many of your questions are answered in these parent communications. There will be more information to come, especially during the next two weeks.
Thank you for your support during this time. I realise that there have been many of our families that have already been impacted by the effects of the virus. I pray for God’s guidance and wisdom to be your strength at this difficult time.
The best way we can support you is to prepare well for possible external learning and to care for your students, keeping as many of our usual routines as possible, maintaining our close relationships with you and your students, and to keep them engaged in their learning.
More information will be sent to you next week, as we make final arrangements for possible changes  in Term 2. Once again, we are thinking of you all and praying you are safe and well.
Easter Blessings
Helen Moore

Date posted: April 3, 2020