College News

Our STEM students are flying!

Our Year 3 Explorers Program and Years 4-6 STEM Investigators students recently joined over 76 schools from around Australia and Iran in entering the world’s biggest Paper Plane Challenge, organised by Science Teachers’ Association of NSW.

Over the course of 1 week, the students researched aerodynamics, drag and gravity, thrust and lift and experimented with making different kinds of paper planes. They enjoyed investigating different designs and also had lots and lots of practice to master their throwing skills (more than 100 times for some students)!

There are 2 categories for each year level, distance and airtime, and we are very pleased to announce that from over 300 entries, Ian (Year 3) and Dylan (Year 4) won in their year levels, and Jacobson (Year 4) and Adam (Year 6) came second, in the airtime category!

Congratulations to our all our students for experimenting and persisting with their designs, and to Dr Tang for filming every throw of every student!

Date posted: November 23, 2020